People Analytics Special Interest Groups

The scope of People Analytics has been growing over the years.  For a long time, most regarded it as project-based research -- study a certain phenomenon, identify key drivers, outcomes, strength of relationships, etc.  To others it meant aggregating data from disparate sources, presenting those data in a tool, and facilitating basic reporting and cluster analysis.  Now, many consider people analytics to be technology products backed by machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).  However you define it, and whatever your organization's priorities are, we all need to appreciate the distinctions and seek to learn from those doing similar work in other organizations. 

As such, we've created the GPAN special interest groups (SIGs).  These include:

  1. Talent Strategy: Driving Change & Better Executive Level Involvement
  2. Capability Building: Analytics & Story-Telling within the HR Community
  3. Data Aggregation & Database Management
  4. Data Visualization: Reporting, Dashboards
  5. Tableau: Using for HR Reporting & Analysis
  6. Advanced Research Techniques
  7. PA Technology: Innovative Tools & Enhancements of Existing Ones
  8. Employee Surveys: Leading Practices & Innovations

Others will be forthcoming based on need and interest.   To learn more and to join one, please click here or on the button.