People Analytics Accelerator

Is your organization just starting out or in the early stages of creating an internal people analytics capability?  Maybe its had a few starts and stops over the years, and is thus struggling to sustain attention, deliver measurable value, and command additional resources.  If so, the People Analytics Accelerator will help you and your organization get passed these challenges.  It's confidential.  It's tailored to your unique needs and those of your organization.  It's resourced with proven models, a continuously updated content library, and experienced facilitators -- those who've actually sat in internal people analytics leadership roles.  So, if you're looking for create or refine a people analytics vision and roadmap to achieve it, considering all the new trends, technologies, and leading practices in the space, then this is likely the place for you.  To learn more and apply to be in the Accelerator, please click here or on the button.